4 Sterne Thermenhotel Quellenhof

Staying Fit at the Quellenhof

Take part in our activity programme, or enjoy sports on your own, whatever you like.
Why not just exercise at your own pace?

Out in the beautiful landscape in and around Bad Füssing, everything is possible – from Nordic walking to the excellent BioVital movement course.

At the Quellenhof, you can train under the guidance of our physiotherapist, with a luxurious panoramic view. Special applications for the muscoskeletal system are based on your doctor’s prescription or may be ordered individually as needed. The latest new state-of-the-art sports equipment is always available for use in our separate fitness centre. Participation in our fitness classes is also free for hotel guests.


Muscle strengthening and training sessions in the Physio Clinic.

Step Class

Athletic up and down for a warm-up, or as a classic cardio exercise.

Airy Heights

Muscle relaxation on the trampoline – even outside by the pool, if the weather is nice ...

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