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Gifts Full of Warmth

A gift is simply something wonderful. Just the act of picking out something for a loved one gives so much joy. 

If it also tastes great, is nourishing, gives time and health – that’s even better!

  • Healthy Souvenirs

    For yourself or for your loved ones back at home, we have prepared a selection of products in our Gift Shop: fine bath salts, healing stones, and nurturing care products from our Cosmetics Studio.

    Regional delicacies and special formulas from the Rottal are becoming increasingly popular.

    Holiday memories à la Quellenhof!

  • Print Out a Gift Coupon

    It’s easy and quick – just enter the desired amount, type a few lines for the recipient, and print it out right at home! All done! Payment can be added to your bill.

    It works, even if it’s printed five minutes before it’s given as a gift.

    To Our Online Gift Certificate Shop

  • Order a Wax Seal

    For special occasions:  
    Our premium gift coupon with a sealing wax heart.
    If you would like to order luxury gift coupons with a textured linen pattern, a heart, and a red ribbon, just give us a call.

    We would be delighted to advise you on possible packages or suitable treatments ... We’ll be sure to find the right one!

    Quellenhof Coupon Phone: 0 85 31/299-0

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