4 Sterne Thermenhotel Quellenhof

Spring Water from the Source

“... It all began with my grandfather:
He was one of the few visionaries who recognised the therapeutic potential of sulphurous water from underground.

The healthy water that bubbled from his land led to the establishment of the first thermal baths in Füssing – Therme 1. It is thanks to his commitment that today our beautiful town bears the title "Bad". Our family still owns Therme 1. Because of this, Quellenhof is one of the few hotels that draws its thermal spring water directly and always from the original source. It’s a privilege that we preserve with gratitude and cherish with reverence as a family tradition now in its third generation..."
Petra Kaiser

Gold-rush Fever

(Bad) Füssing in the 1950s.

Fashionable Arrivals

The first illustrious guests.

Therapeutic Effects

Official recognition from the medical community soon followed.

Healthy Kick-off

Life became busy in the little town.

Thermal Baths for Everyone

The pool was still quite Spartan then.

There Were Just a Few Buildings Back Then.

Today, Bad Füssing is the most popular thermal spa resort in Europe.

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