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The Way to a Spa Treatment

Outpatient Preventive Treatments and Compact Treatments, In-patient Preventive Treatments and Outpatient Rehabilitation in conveniently located and semi-residential facilities

Here’s how it's done:
Together with your doctor, you can apply for a course of treatment with your responsible health insurance or pension provider. In your application, you can request Bad Füssing as your desired spa location. Following review of the treatment application by the Medical Service, a panel physician or local medical officer , the final approval is given by your health insurance, pension fund, or benefit office. In the event of a rejection, you can and should submit a written appeal, ideally with the support of your doctor. Under certain circumstances, individuals for whom payment is not possible may apply for full exemption or partial reimbursement of costs.

Information about the hardship provision may be obtained from your health insurance company.


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The ‘Bad Füssing Savings Book’ guide provides information about which claims are available to the insured with regard to spa treatments and preventive health treatments, to what benefits they are entitled, and how they may successfully exercise their rights.


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Powerful Healing Water

Our thermal water is the element around which everything revolves. It not only warms you up, but relieves many ailments. Our water bubbles up directly from the spring – the temperature there reaches up to 56 °C. In our indoor thermal pool, the temperature is around 37 °C, and it’s approximately 30 °C in the outdoor pool. That’s wonderful in itself!


However, Bad Füssing water can do much more:


Relieves Physicall Ailments
It contains a special type of sulphide sulphur with a strong effect against joint diseases. Again and again, significant pain relief and a considerable improvement in the mobility of joints and spine, rheumatism, and other orthopaedic complaints are confirmed.

Burnout Prevention & Recuperation
The latest scientific findings on the effects of sulphurous therapeutic water are also quite amazing. They show that sulphurous thermal water can effectively protect against stress and help alleviate the effects of burnout. Scientists have discovered that bathing regularly in thermal water that is rich in active ingredients is also an invigorating way to slow the aging process. A completely new study involving the University of Würzburg, carried out in Bad Füssing, showed, among other things, that "the impact of stress and the signs of burnout can decrease significantly in the course of just one week at a thermal spa,” according to the study’s findings.

Positive Cholesterol
In the course of a five-year study, researchers in Vienna have found that sulphurous water strengthens the body’s protective defences against free radicals and reduces the level of harmful LDL cholesterol homocysteine in the blood. What is certain is that homocysteine can be a triggering factor for myocardial infarction, stroke, depression, and dementia in old age.


And this has also been recognised in the latest research:


Therapeutic Baths Instead of Surgery
Therapeutic bathing in thermal spring water is often better than a quick operation. In evaluating patient data, German health insurance companies have determined that for ailments such as back pain, non-invasive therapies are frequently just as effective as surgical procedures. Waiting rather than surgery – doctors are recommending this more and more when their patients complain about back and disc problems. And with good reason: for instance, an American study of 500 herniated disc patients showed that a conservative ‘bloodless’ treatment achieves the same therapeutic results as surgery!

Relief of Joint Problems
The special effect of Bad Füssing thermal water, particularly for the whole muscoskeletal system, was also confirmed in the largest study to date conducted in a health resort. More than 70 percent of the 3,000 Bad Füssing spa guests who participated in this study by the Institute for the Research of Natural Health Remedies reported significant pain relief and restoration or very significant improvements in joints and spine, rheumatic pain, and other orthopaedic complaints.

40 percent of the patients were able to discontinue or significantly reduce their use of pharmaceuticals after their stay at the spa. 63 percent of the interviewees believed that the effects of the healing water helped them avoid surgical interventions that were already scheduled or expected. Over 70 percent of the attending physicians confirmed these assessments of their patients after thorough investigation.


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