4 Sterne Thermenhotel Quellenhof

Salt, Water & Precious Stones


Salt grotto with brine graduation
Precious and healing stones
Brine steam bath
Tepidarium with coloured light
Kneipp rondella
Multi-sensory shower
Foot spa
Thermal water shower
Thermal water drinking fountain and Grander® water

A Deep Breath of Salt Air

The dust-free filtered air in the salt grotto, rich in salts and minerals, has a healing effect. It strengthens the organs, both in the event of acute diseases and as a preventative. It helps to refuel and store energy. The brine gently splashing over the branches of the graduation tower will put you into a state of deep relaxation.

Blissful Sparkle

Mysteriously enchanting, you will be welcomed into our luxurious grotto of precious stones. You will immediately feel the energy of amethysts and sparkling mountain crystals when you enter this wonderfully twinkly space.

Therapeutic Steam

The finely dissolved Indus Himalayan salt brine fizzles in the steam bath. The dissolved mineral salts have a purifying and detoxifying effect. The steam bath is especially beneficial to the skin. It maintains and cleanses the airways, lungs, and bronchial passages.

Thermal Water Enjoyment

The thermal water from the rainfall shower head is comfortably warm. An incredibly stimulating pleasure! Just around the corner is the beautiful thermal water fountain. In small doses, a few sips of the healing water also does you good from the inside as well.

Tepidarium With Coloured Light Therapy

In the tepidarium, the play of colours unites with warmth. A wonderful place to regenerate. You’ll be amazed at what colours particularly appeal to you. Give it a try!

Kneipp Spa

Round and round you go in the sunny Kneipp rondella – and it does your circulation a lot of good. Synchronised cold and hot contrasts support the body’s defences and strengthen the immune system. A lap or two after the steam bath or thermal bath would be perfect!

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