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Upper Austria & the Innviertel Region

In many respects, we are similar and yet so different – the Austrians and the Bavarians. An excursion is always worthwhile, as the neighbouring country is directly on the other side of the Inn ...
  • Schärding

    How nice it would be if buildings could talk. For example, one could spend hours standing at the upper town square of Schärding, with all its colourful, baroque town houses, listening to their stories. The bright red house would tell of its first owner and builder: he was once a butcher and highly regarded in the city. All the houses have one thing in common: their builders were quite well-off – the silver coins jangled in their pockets. This gave the northeast side of the upper Stadtplatz its name of Silberzeile (Silver Line).

    Or would you like to know about the castle fountain in the Schlosspark? On a 1½ hour walk through the town, you will be immersed in Schärding's history and learn interesting details about the turbulent past of the Baroque city.

    Schärding must be seen!

    There are also museums and galleries, as well as many sights to discover. Or how about a boat trip on the Inn? Then another stop in the many street cafés on the Stadtplatz, or a glass of wine in a cosy and quaint pub? There are celebrations in Schärding all year round. The top event of the year, for example, is the Schlemmerfest. The whole world meets in Schärding for a week-long culinary tasting marathon in July!


    Find more neighbouring events here: https://www.events.at/c/oberoesterreich

  • The Innviertel

    Upper Austria's youngest district cherishes its Bavarian heritage.

    What’s the Innviertel like? What are the key features of this area, the youngest of the four quarters of Upper Austria? Not until 250 years ago, when the region was redesignated from Bavaria to Austria, did the Inn River become the western border of Upper Austria. And somehow, one cannot resist thinking that the Bavarian genes remain in this land and its people.

    It already begins in the cityscapes. Whether in Braunau, Schärdin, or Ried, or at the old trading posts like Obernberg am Inn, this is where the Baroque townscapes dominate, as typical along the Inn in Bavaria. And it ends with beer, which is cultivated here with a truly Bavarian love for the hop drink. Numerous private breweries cultivate their specialty beers in the brewing region of Innviertel, from the smallest wheat beer brewery in the world, to the strong Trappist beer. It goes without saying that the beer is also drunk where it is brewed. Which is why in the Innviertel, people value proper hospitality and a shady beer garden.

    Also worthy of mention is Reichersberg Abbey. It is almost within sight of Bad Füssing. Why not stop there, visit the monastery, and pick up a few souvenirs in the gift shop?


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