4 Sterne Thermenhotel Quellenhof

At Home in the Quellenhof

Charming, cosy holiday rooms with balconies and all mod cons. A breakfast from the buffet for connoisseurs and oven-fresh warm croissants with early morning coffee poolside for early swimmers. A deluxe thermal spa complex, with plenty of space on every level, both indoors and outdoors. Natural cosmetics, the Physiotherapy Clinic, wonderfully nourishing treatments. Lovely peace and quiet, relaxed guests, lots of warmth.

Just the right amount of exactly everything that you want on your holiday ...

  • Rooms & Suites for a Perfect Stay

    Our rooms are spacious and comfortably styled. Every one of them has a desk, a tea bar, and a fridge …
  • A Top-notch Breakfast   

    We prepare it specially for you, every day! Very early, the samovar starts steaming away cheerfully, while our freshly-laid organic eggs await …
  • Specials at the Quellenhof

    Seasonal special offers all year round, for long or short stays – or the classic health treatment holidays.
  • Spring Water from the Source

    The history of the Quellenhof, with old-fashioned illustrations.
  • Good Health under One Roof

    The Physiotherapy Clinic and the Cosmetics Studio with a full range of natural cosmetics from Annemarie Börlind/Tautropfen are both on the premises.
  • The Quellenhof Photo Album

    Photos to browse and entice you …

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