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Rottal Valley & Surroundings

The Rottal Valley – or, more precisely, the Bavarian Golf and Spa Country – is situated between Regensburg to the west and Passau to the east, between the Danube in the north, and the Inn River in the south. We are right in the centre of the Lower Bavarian ‘spa triangle’. It is the perfect place from which to explore everything.
  • Traditional Rottal

    Folk music and customs, living traditions, an active club culture, the many folk festivals and markets – these are what people in Lower Bavaria treasure most.

    An authentic outlook on life with a dialect and a good-natured character. A harmonious landscape of gentle hills, a mild climate, and many hardworking farmers. So famous for its many orchards, that even a bike path is named after it: the Apfel-Radl-Weg, or ‘apple cycling route.

    The many chapels and churches in the villages are also typical. Pilgrimage routes wind their way through the entire region. Altötting and Marktl, the birthplace of Pope Benedict, are both not far from Bad Fussing.


    Culinary Retreat

    Quaint breweries, shady beer gardens, genuine delicacies. A tea break with tasty cheese spread and radishes tastes even better if you’ve put a few kilometres behind you on the cycling trail. Or all the folk festivals, with the aroma of grilled fish on a stick, big pretzels, and Aus‘zogenen – genuine Rottal doughnuts.

    Life Enjoyed to the Fullest

    The joy of living life to the fullest and some high spirits – that is what sets apart Bavarian festivals. In addition to the Gäuboden Volksfest of the city of Straubing, Bavaria's second largest Wies‘n, the Karpfham Festival in September attracts a lot of attention with its big equestrian tournament. Cultural highlights include the European Weeks in Passau, the Bad Füssing Cultural Festival, and festivals held every four years, like the Landshut Wedding, the Agnes Bernauer Festival in Straubing, and the Plattling Nibelungen Festival.

    Also worth a visit is:
    Danube-in-Flames in Vilshofen – a music-filled open-air special event with fireworks that are probably the best around. You can learn about what else there is to discover every day at our Reception Desk in the Quellenhof.

  • Cycling in the Rottal Valley

    You can cycle around Bad Füssing in whatever way you prefer. There are both challenging tours as well as short trips on level terrain. Stop off at a cider farm, or take a short break for coffee and cake at one of the many inns along the bicycle routes along the Inn River and all around.

    For instance, we highly recommend the Apfel-Radl-Weg (Apple Cycling Route) in the Passau region, a tour through cider and culture: 91 kilometres in 7 stages – ‘Cycling-biking-experiencing’, the cycling motto of the region of Passau. Two great long-distance routes – the Danube cycling route and the Inn cycling route – pass through the region of Passau and create the framework for a dense regional network of themed bike trails. There are two seasons which are particularly recommendable for the Apfel-Radl-Weg: the spring, when the pear trees in the orchids jut into the blue sky like white snowballs, and the autumn, when the apples are ripe.

    The Rottal Valley – known for the Lower Bavarian spa triangle. In the gentle hilly landscape, however, there is also an unexpected mountain biking paradise. At first glance, mountain biking is associated with the Danube, Inn, or the Roman Bike Path, as well as the bike path networks of the local towns. But this was not enough for Reiner Weyrauther, the initiator of ‘Rottal Total’: he wanted variety, not a "boring climb and an even duller descent", so he set himself the goal of carving out a route through the region with something for everyone: uphill, downhill, solo trails, gravel, roots, cliffs – only asphalt is shunned. In addition, there are spectacular panoramic views and restaurant tips along the route.

    The’Rottal-Total Wild Bike Tour’ was put together over more than ten years: a 250-km circuit and 5,250 vertical metres, which leads through a total of 10 municipalities. Currently the Wild Bike Tour includes more than 30 mountain bike tours with a total length of more than 1200 km.

  • Many Excursion Destinations

    Charming towns and cities, historic churches and buildings, museums and many other leisure activities for young and old – in and around Bad Füssing, there is a wide variety of sights and experiences. How about a boat trip on the Inn, a visit to the Bear Park, an ostrich farm or the Amber Museum? Or going towards Aldersbach to the state exhibition Beer in Bavaria in the old Aldersbach monastery, and stopping off at the pub there?

    With its famous cathedral organ, the Dreiflüsse-Eck, a confluence of three rivers, and its beautiful old town centre, Passau is perfect for a day trip of shopping and strolling. 

    Yet another route continues towards the Bavarian Forest. Locals still quarrel about exactly where it begins – some say right on the other side of the Danube, others believe the forest doesn’t start until Tittling, Freyung, or Grafenau. Either way: if you’re interested, you can have a look for yourself on a day excursion.

    There is so much to discover:
    The Bavarian Forest National Park – the ‘green roof of Europe’, with the well-known ‘treetop trail’ and the ‘tree egg’, the unique Glass Route, Pullman City – the western town in Eging am See, Hauzenberg with its Granite Centre (especially nice during the holidays with the Granite Christmas in the quarry!), nature parks, all kinds of seasonal events ...

    A multitude of destinations can be booked spontaneously, directly from Bad Füssing, with event organisers. The Spa and Visitor Service Centre also organises trips to interesting destinations around Bad Füssing, and the Eichberger bus company offers exciting day trips as well.

    We have all the current offers and schedules at our Reception Desk.

    With the Passau Card – also available in the Tourist Information Centre – many trips and entrance fees are already included or significantly discounted.




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